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Saturday, March 17, 2018    10:00 PM
Captains of Leisure
Captains 0f Leisure Live at Bernie's

Mature white males, medium height and average to above-average builds, varying follicle presence, no distinguishing scars or tattoos, known to frequent live music venues, approach with caution
Artist Genre Classic Rock 
Artist's Website  
Friday, March 23, 2018    10:00 PM
The Dirty Blondes
The Dirty Blondes Live at Bernie's

The Dirty Blondes Rock Band originated in 2006, when Christy and Al met playing in a Blues band decided to create a more commercially viable project. The band solidified with the rhythm section when Pete was recruited on bass and Jamie took over on drums.

Lisa Deane, Christy's Black River Girls partner and good friend, came on as lead vocalist and the band gelled and has been gigging steadily ever since!

With Lisa's amazing vocal chops, Al's incendiary guitar work, Pete's solid rhythmic bass, Jamie's hard driving and tasteful drumming and Christy's creative fills and foundation.

The Dirty Blondes are a synergistic force with a crowd pleasing repertoire and dynamic stage presence. Also, we have exceptional original songs and have been featured on local radio stations!
Artist Genre Rock 
Artist's Website  
Saturday, March 24, 2018    9:00 PM
Mother Nature's Child
& Magnificent Mancini Brothers

Mother Nature's Child is a band of 5 from Hunterdon County NJ whose sound is a mix of Classic Rock w/a touch of Psychadellia, Folk, Blues, Jazz & Country.

Magnificent Mancini Brothers are veteran players from the NJ music scene who have collided in mid-air and will be performing on a stage at Bernies, without a net. For more information about the band, please visit their Facebook page:
Artist Genre Classic Rock 
Artist's Website  
Saturday, March 31, 2018    10:00 PM
Billy Hector
Billy Hector Live at Bernie's

Winner of the Asbury Park Music Awards “Best Guitarist”, “Best Blues Band”, “Living Legend” and “Top Classic Artist” awards.

Two-time winner of the East Coast Rocker’s “Best Guitarist” award.

Two-time invitee to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s American Music Masters Series celebrating the music of Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters with Charlie Musselwhite, Bonnie Raitt, Jimmy Vaughn, Vernon Reid, Dave Alvin, Sonny Landreth, Double Trouble and others.
Artist Genre Jam Bands 
Artist's Website  

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