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Genuine out of the way , old school roadhouse to go listen to some live music. Attentive bartenders, cheap pints
(James from Rutherford, NJ on Yelp)

The quintessential roadhouse tavern! Bernie’s is a beer & shot sort of bar, with the best live music scene in NJ, a good bottle list.  There is a good selection of bottled beer, and very reasonable prices, too.  Highly recommended as a place to have a few [good, cold] beers while seeing a great band on a Saturday night
(RGDave from Lebanon, NJ  on

We go to Bernie's to see great local/out of state bands and open mic night.
Plenty of room for dancing!
(Beth from Long Valley, NJ on Yelp)
One of the last of the road houses. Don't expect a martini list.  Do expect great bands. 
(Susan from Basking Ridge on Yelp)

Classic old Roadhouse that just oozes R&B from the walls.  No food, but who the hell cares?
It's the music
(David L. on

Back in my Chester days I loved popping over to Bernie's to have a drink and catch one of the local bands.  It has that roadhouse vibe and casual atmosphere that I really like.  I miss it since I moved out to the Bay Area
(Jerry from Oakland, CA on

Did a comedy routine there last week [on Open Mic Wednesday]. People were very welcoming and supportive. More importantly, it was mostly music and I thought it was fabulous
(Unknown on
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